High-quality yarn from an Italian manufacturer

Composition after first wash: 100% extra fine merino wool (WV, RWS standard, 2% paillettes)

Composition: 50% extra fine merino wool (WV); 50% PVA fiber

Weight/length after first wash: 50-80g/2500m

Weight/length: 100/2500m

Yarn spun out of 2 strands

Price is per 25g

In options 1pc-25g

The yarn becomes a tone darker after the first wash

Other weight options may be available

Recommended knitting needle size combined with other yarns (eg. mohair Reine) ~3.00

Recommended crochet hook size combined with other yarns ~2.00-3.00

Care: instructions for the first wash can be found at the bottom

Care: After the first wash, hand wash at a maximum temperature of 20°C

Once washed, the yarn becomes half the weight and thinner, as half of the yarn is PVA, an environmentally and human friendly fabric that washed out

It is therefore recommended to make a sample before knitting and

to see how the yarn will look after washing

After the first wash, the yarn composition becomes 100% natural extrafine wool

Care: Instructions for first washing:

- Water at 20-40°C, if the composition of the other yarn allows, it can be washed at a higher temperature.

- Neutral soap and silicone softener can be used

I washed the sample with mohair yarn Reine at ~20°C

Mini paillettes create discreet dots on the knitted fabric

Colour may vary slightly between photos and actual yarn